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Bequest Language

i."I give and bequeath ______________ (dollar amount and/or percentage of residuary estate or specific items) to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida (Federal Tax.I.D. 59-1157084), located in Naples, FL."

ii."I give this for the purpose of funding programs that work to protect and increase preservation and conservation lands in the state of Florida. In the event that such a need does not exist at the Conservancy, it is my desire that the funds would be used as directed by the Board of the Conservancy to some other need which most similarly reflects this need."

iii."In the event that the Conservancy ceases to exist, I direct that any items (cash, real property or other assets of the trust) designated for the Conservancy be equally distributed to the other non profit organizations listed in this document."

iv.You can add wording to the document as to whether you wish for the gift to be used to set up an endowment or be used immediately. I recommend that you do not direct either way and let the organization decide at the time of the gift whether to establish an endowment or not. Our preference is to use bequests and other planned gifts to establish endowments, but sometimes there is a more important immediate need.